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Welcome to our list .

I have been adding new and freshly collected species to this list after a very good spring and summer here.  .I will be adding to this list as I collect more seeds on my trips around the country this Autumn

.Listed below are a few of the most recent additions

Acer sinensis x palmatum Bloodgood. Deliberate cross between an elegant large leaved A.sinensis and Acer palmatum Bloodgood.This cross has hybrid vigour, here it has made a fast growing tree with large bright red handsome spring foliage which is similar to its parent.  Code no

Acer sinensis. Seed from a good form with large ribbed foliage.

Acer olivianum var formosanum x palmatum ssp palmatum. Intermediate between the two species. Dark green clean cut foliage good yellow autumn colour.

Acer palmatum 'Aratama' Neat dwarf red form .Compact foliage.

Acer palmatum koto no ito.  Maple with filigree fine foliage bright lime green in the spring yellow autumn.

Acer palmatum circinatum x palmatum .  We have a number of plants from this cross which has produced a hardy easy going drought tolerant Maple . The different forms we have range from large strong growing plants to dwarf forms with minute foliage . All are very hardy and have great fiery autumn colours

Acer palmatum circinatum x palmatum .Form 1.Small tree with even small five lobed leaves 1,5 meters after 7 years in New Zealand conditions.

Acer palmatum circinatum x palmatum .Form 2.A larger tree with larger foliage more upright in habit with strong five cut foliage 3 meters after 5 years.

Acer palmatum Dissectum Green Cascade. Strong growing form of this cascading small Maple great autumn colours.

Acer palmatum Dissectum Crimson Queen.

Acer Dissectum Ornatum. Red Dissectum with good autumn colours.

Acer forestii.  Good form arching small tree dark green three lobed foliage . Racemes of red flowers in autumn.

Acer palmatum Mikawa Yatsubusa'.  Very small maple with small over lapping foliage. Often used for Bosnia .

Acer palmatum' Beni schichihenge.  Variegated form of Acer palamtum ssp palmatum.

Acer micranthum .Rare delicate Maple finely cut foliage. Both flowers and seed are conspicuous. Red autumn colours.

Phyllocladus alpinus. Alpine celery Pine.Rare New vzealand native conifer. Wild collected seed.

Acer palmatum hybrid. Unknown parentage . Interesting small tree star shaped light green foliage yellow autumn colours.

Acer pentaphylum. Fresh seed from our own collection  .  Long finger like foliage possibly the one of the rarest Maples, it is rarely found in cultivation and it is thought, only a handful of trees exist in its Native China.

Stewartia monadelpha Black Dog.Seed from our selected form of Stewartia monadelpha . Masses of small white flowers in late summer . Peeling mahogany bark. Dark deep red autumn colours.Compact small tree.

  1. I hope you find some thing of interest in the list..Andrew Norfield

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Acer pentaphylum

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